Samantha Bond | 14 February 2014

FRINGE REVIEW | Welcome to the world of – where singletons meet and mingle online, at d&d balls, in the company gym and even in Bali.

Presented by Matt Byrne Media, is a comedic skit show with a spattering of musical numbers that put witty, original lyrics to hits such as “You’re Simply the Best (You’re Simply Dateless) and “My Boot Scootin’ Baby” (My Internet Baby).

We meet Rhonda Backseat (Kim York), a single mum in her 50s who’s just up for a bit of fun; Kendra Catley (Sophie Lee Hamilton), a time-poor career girl who only owns one cat; George Carpet (Matt Byrne), who is divorced but seems to forget that; and Jack Lovegun (Marc Clement), an alpha-male Romeo whose goal is to love many and often. tells these characters’ stories as they search online for love, sex and that special someone – you know, the one who will give you the mobile phone number that’s still connected.

The skits are witty and often resonate as they get too close to the ugly truth of kissing many frogs to find one’s prince. A series of speed-dating skits is summed up well by the line: “Speed dating is like being rejected by the entire universe in one hour and paying for the privilege.” There is a cameo appearance by “Kaput” as Rhonda holidays in Bali, and a great performance by the whole cast as they portray first the women at a d&d ball, then seconds later, the drunken farmer men they’ve been paired with.

As well as poking fun at the world of dating, also explores the sad side of being single and lonely and wondering why you can’t find just one person to love who will love you in return. Warning: if you’re recently single, or hating being single, this aspect of the show isn’t likely to lift your spirits.

Overall, is a funny and fun night out. My only criticism is that it went too long (two hours with a short break at half time), but others may consider this value for money.

Be warned, there is some audience participation and, upon arrival, you will be asked to pick a stop-light paddle-stick with either a red (taken), amber (unsure) or green (very single) sticker to indicate your availability. is at Maxim’s Wine Bar, 194a The Parade, Norwood, from February 14-March 16.