Frank Woodley: Fools Gold

Presented by Token Events Reviewed 20 February 2014Frank Woodley

If you want to spend an evening with ultimate jester fool, Frank Woodley, you’d better be quick because he’s only here until Sunday.

Woodley is back to his comedic best in his new show, Fool’s Gold. If the sold out Arts Theatre was anything to go by, his fans have been clamouring for a bit of Frank. Renowned for being a physical comedian, Woodley didn’t disappoint in this aspect, acting the lovable clown throughout. More than this however, the content of Woodley’s comedy was simultaneously witty, adolescently puerile, and a little bit wrong. (Does anyone think it’s okay to start a sentence with: “What I like about the Nazi’s is…?”)

Topics covered ranged from musings on whether animals engage in impressions of other animals, the nature of swearing in different countries, and the hilarity of accents different from one’s own. Then there were the original songs with lyrics about the end of the human race, physical comedy featuring ribbon dancing and mouth-popping ping pong balls, and an impressive magic trick or two.

The highlight for me (and from the audience reaction, I suspect for most there) was a short ‘play’ necessitating audience participation called “The Country Squire and the F*&^%nuckle“. Said ‘play’ was written in ye olde worlde English, and involved a feud over a Squire’s sister sending a ‘revealing’ selfie to said F*&$nuckle. The feud culminated in (nerf) pistols at dawn.

This was very funny stuff from an Australian legend of comedy. There was a bit of blue language, so probably not one for the whole family, but it should be okay for teens. It’s one of the pricier Fringe comedy acts, but if you want guaranteed laughs, go to this show.

Reviewed by Samantha Bond

Venue: Arts Theatre, 53 Angus Street, Adelaide Season: 21-23 February 2014] Duration: 1 hour Tickets: $30.00 – $40.00 Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621

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